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Kingdom Connect 2.0
is a division of RSM, a full service urban marketing firm. The concept is simple. Create an easy to use solution for churches and ministries that allow them to harness and access the power of social media. It is leveraged evangelism - the ability to reach a massive amount of people, through the use of technology. That is the concept behind Kingdom Connect 2.0. Cut, Dry and Simple.

You see our belief is that social media is much different thatn traditional marketing. It is not about the platform but more about the message. The "Voice", and building relationships. This is what the church does, build relationship. We merely assist you in bridging the gap between offline and online. Let's face it when people have a relationship with you, they become responsible for your success. Your competition for the minds and hearts of people is no longer other ministries in your community, but the inducements people hear and see everyday. Our social media platform allows you the opportunity to guide the conversation and to become an influencer in your community.

On york hotels top of that we wrap your branded identity throughout your social networks so that you have a consistent image. Whereas, most social networking companies have to subcontract the design to other companies, our design team is in-house. This creates a seemless integration of your message and creates a one stop shop.

Mainly, seo company we are involved in Ministry and Church growth. We understand the complexities of the local church. That's why we are here to assist you. That is the concept behind Kingdom Connect 2.0. Cut, Dry and Simple. Our Goal is to IMPACT the World.


About RSM-

Kingdom Connect 2.0RealSource book hotels (RSM) is a full service urban marketing firm. Full service means I can provide a full array of services such as graphic design, marketing, outreach, public relations, advertising, and website design, to name a few.

We search engine optimization companies create marketing strategies, outreach campaigns, and capital campaigns for many clients in the urban faith based community. We help our clients save money by leveraging our volume buying and extensive connections to achieve a greater reward for their dollar. Many of our clients find that working with us has increased their bottom line and memberships in a relatively short time. We focus together on identifying practical, affordable business building strategies that fit your vision. We’ve helped other ministries increase their effectiveness in evangelism without increasing their advertising budget or working longer hours.

Marketing and strategic plans are our specialty. We enjoy tapping into the vision of the ministry and creating the elements that go with it. Our clients have included Pastors, Bishops, Ministries large and small, Artists, and urban small businesses from across the country. We can assist you with ministry planning, marketing strategy, or vision casting, all at a rate you can afford.

We’ll professional seo services be happy to assist you with…

Press search engine optimization Releases and PSAs Websites
Brochures loan payment calculator Outreach Vision Planning
Press Kits Direct Mail
Advertising interest calculator loan Campaigns Marketing Consultation
Media Buying
And more…